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COOLBABY Intelligent Household Automatic Dishwasher Sterilizing And Drying In One


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  • 【Automatic Water Drainage, Independent Disinfection And Sterilization】No active filling of Water, Automatic filling of Water after installation, fresh fresh Water washing is not easy to breed bacteria, washing is healthier.
  • 【Multifunctional】PDC hot air drying + waste heat fresh air drying, effective drainage of water purification gas to accelerate the fresh sterilization.
  • 【72℃ constant high temperature sterilization, sterilization rate> 99.99%】: In-depth research was carried out, and the breakthrough from 70℃ to 72℃ brought the sterilization rate> 99.99%, which effectively eliminated the common bacteria of Staphylococ
  • 【360 ° double spray】 Unique design of double spray arm, 360° full range of water coverage, 2-3 meters of water spray as high pressure water gun spray effect, easy to solve oil pollution.
  • 【Perfect Life Assistant】: With our dishwasher, your life will be more leisurely and relaxed, hand over the cleaning supplies dishwasher, you will have more time to enjoy life, to accompany your family, yourself What do you want to do?


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